Does mint work with quicken?

Quicken and Mint each support manual uploading of bills, or you can connect to your online billing accounts to automatically have your bills pulled into the software. While Mint does offer a bill payment reminder feature, it lacks any other bill pay capability.

If you want something basic to manage your money, Mint’s the best way to go in terms of cost. And while some people might balk at the idea of shelling out money for Quicken, others may see it as a small price to pay for a more complete picture of their financial situation.

What is mint and where can I use it?

Currently, Mint only supports banks and financial institutions in the US and Canada. While it says it may expand to other countries in the future, it doesn’t have a timeline for when that may be. How does Mint work?

Does mint work in the uk?

Mint could be an excellent way of experiencing good budgeting habits, but, you guessed it, Mint is not available in the UK, nor in Europe, and, for the time being, it appears that it has no expansion public plans around the world… It seems that their main focus for the near future will continue to be in the US and Canada.

Certainly you can use Mint if you live in the US or Canada and just traveling in Europe. But to make Mint work with your European banks, it will take a lot of effort. The motivation: Mint makes money by showing your “offers” via alert, advice, and so on. That those offers are from financial clients.

Not currently available in the UK. Some users have reported synchronisation issues. At times the connection with your bank accounts doesn’t work properly, and can take a long time to get resolved. Some users may not be comfortable entering all their banking data and bill information for security reasons. You can’t get Mint in the UK yet.

Which Banks does Mint support in the UK?

Mint has good coverage of banks in the US & Canada, and some banks in the UK which is what you’re probably interested in. Mint supports a number of the big banks in the UK with varying results, like HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Santander UK.

How does Intuit make money with mint?

Intuit Offers many finance tools like Quick. Books and Turbo. Tax, so the company doesn’t need to use Mint as a major revenue source. Mint does make money on the credit card and loan suggestions that it advertises to its users. Which is more secure: Mint or Quicken?

We can dig in! mint does make money on the credit card and loan suggestions that it advertises to its users. Which is more secure: Mint or Quicken? Quicken has the potential to be more secure because it is locally-installed, but this is only true if you take personal measures to secure your own computer.