Are potatoes that have sprouted safe to eat?

This is certainly a question most of us have probably wondered after encountering a potato that’s been hiding in the back of the pantry a little too long. It’s time to get to the bottom of this potato mystery once and for all. The short answer is “yes,” you can still eat a potato that has begun to sprout . Hold up , though.

Are sprouted potatoes safe to eat?

The short answer is yes. Potatoes that have sprouted are still OK to eat, but only once you’ve removed the sprouts. Here’s a guide on how to remove them, how to properly store potatoes and when.

One article argued that by Leah Brickley for Food Network Kitchen The short answer is yes. Potatoes that have sprouted are still OK to eat , but only once you’ve removed the sprouts .

This begs the question “Are sprouted Potatoes Bad for You?”

Here is what we found. Sprouted potatoes do have the potential to be toxic because of a chemical called solanine. Potatoes and other nightshades, such as eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers, are naturally predisposed to produce solanine, which is toxic to humans if it’s ingested in large enough quantities.

Larger sprouted potatoes are okay to eat with up to 5 small potato spouts . However, the sprouts should not be too long, and the potato should still look firm. In the interest of caution, cut off the sprouts at the bottom and gouge out the “eye”.

Some have found that what to do with sprouted potatoes is to plant them . Potatoes with excessive amounts of sprouts have broken dormancy and are turning starches into sugars for growth. The dormancy periods of early potatoes are shorter than late-maturing types.

Most of the nutrients are still intact in a firm, sprouted potato. As a potato sprouts, it converts starch to sugar in order to feed the new potato plant that will grow from the erupting sprouts. At the beginning of this process, you may find soft spots around what used to be the eyes and are now the sprouts.

Should I remove the sprouts and eyes from potatoes before eating?

It is why you want to remove the sprouts and eyes before you eat the potato . Solanine is concentrated in the eyes, sprouts, and skin, but not the rest of the potato. If your potato has green skin, be sure to remove the skins before you eat it. So long as you remove these, you’re unlikely to feel its effects.

Can you eat potatoes that have extra appendages?

But these extra appendages don’t mean you have to trash your taters — if they are still firm when you squeeze them, the potatoes can be eaten — once you’ve removed the sprouts and cooked the potatoes.

Can you eat potatoes that have turned green?

You’re better off tossing potatoes that have turned green or grown sprouts . Eating them puts you at risk for potential toxicity from solanine and chaconine, two natural toxins found in green or sprouted potatoes.