How much bergamot for cholesterol?

For high levels of cholesterol or other fats ( lipids) in the blood (hyperlipidemia): 1 gram of bergamot extract daily, with or without rosuvastatin 10 mg daily, for 30 days has been used.

Does bergamot help with cholesterol?

Bergamot has health benefits include: Several studies have shown that bergamot may help to reduce overall cholesterol and “bad” LDL cholesterol. It may also help to increase “good” HDL cholesterol and has the potential to be an effective supplement to cholesterol drugs.

One way to consider this is citrus bergamot works by inhibiting the HMG-CoA enzyme which helps to reduce LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream . Plus, the antioxidants in this powerful extract support healthy blood vessels by supporting the endothelial lining of the blood vessels.

The next thing we asked ourselves was does bergamot reduce cholesterol in patients with hypercholesterolemia?

This is what my research found. this mini-review reports on the clinical studies performed with different forms of bergamot along with their effectiveness in reducing total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in patients with hypercholesterolemia . Keywords: Bergamot, brutieridin, melitidin, cholesterol, antioxidant, Citrus bergamia.

One of the next things we wondered was, is bergamot juice good for cholesterol?

One idea is that bergamot juice was found to reduce cholesterol (29.27% ), triglycerides (46.12%), and LDL (51.72%) and an increase in HDL (27.61%) levels versus hypercholesterolemic controls. The atherogenic index was 1.09 ± 0.10 in the C. Bergamia-treated group as compared with 3.09 ± 0.20 in the hypercholesterolemic group.

Another frequent query is “Can bergamot extract help lower cholesterol?”.

Well, taking bergamot extract by mouth seems to lower low-density lipoprotein ( LDL or “bad”) cholesterol levels in people with high cholesterol. It’s not clear if it helps high-density lipoprotein (HDL or “good”) cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Another query we ran across in our research was “Does bergamot lower cholesterol like red yeast rice?”.

Some research suggests that an extract of the citrus fruit bergamot can lower cholesterol much as red yeast rice does. Is it right for you?

Our best answer is we were surprised to learn that Citrus bergamia, the bergamot orange, acts on the same enzyme as red yeast rice and statins to lower cholesterol ( Mollace et al, Fitoterapia, April 2011 ).

How much bergamot should I take for high HDL?

HDL was increased by 25.9% (500 mg of bergamot) and by 39% (1,000 mg of bergamot). In 6 patients treated daily with 500 mg and in 11 patients taking 1000 mg of BPF, a moderate gastric pyrosis was observed.

This begs the query “What is the maximum daily dosage of bergamot extract?”

Bergamot extract has most often been used by adults in doses of up to 1000 mg by mouth daily for 4-12 weeks . Speak with a healthcare provider to find out what dose might be best for a specific condition.

What are the health benefits of bergamot?

There are a variety of phytochemicals that have been found in the bergamot including brutieridin and melitidin as well as other flavonoids, flavones O-glucosides and C-glucosides. Multiple clinical trials have provided evidence that different forms of orally administered bergamot can reduce total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol .

Our chosen answer is When applied to the skin, the chemicals in bergamot oil can make the skin sensitive to sunlight. Bergamot is used for high levels of cholesterol or other fats in the blood. It is also used for anxiety, mental alertness, joint pain, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these other uses .