What mints make quarters?

The first quarter made by the U. S. Mint in 1796 was silver. The designs from 1796 to 1930 showed Liberty on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse.

Here is what I found. the announcement of the W mint mark quarters coincides with the 227th anniversary of the United States Mint on April 2 and kicks off a program designed to spark a renewed interest in coin collecting.

Are quarters made from silver?

Only certain types of quarters are made from silver. There are three main types minted by the U. S. Mint with a composition of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. These coins include the Liberty Head “Barber” quarter, the Standing Liberty quarter, and the Washington quarter.

What coin has a mint mark on it?

In 2019, the “W” mint mark appeared for the first time on a circulating coin. The West Point Mint produced 10 million quarters in the 2019 America the Beautiful Quarters Program. Mint Marks on Medals Most medals don’t have mint marks.

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