What to do with fresh mints?

Mix plain unsweetened Greek yogurt with strawberries (or mixed berries) and sprinkle with chopped fresh mint. In fact, mint is an ideal garnish for your average snack and tastes so yummy. Make Tea from Fresh Mint Leaves One idea for using fresh mint is to make tea from the mint leaves. Fresh mint tea is loaded with benefits, like:.

Lets dig in. I always keep peppermint tea on hand for upset stomachs and digestive issues. Toss a few leaves into a salad. Any leafy green herb can be added to a garden salad so it’s a great use for too much fresh mint. Make infused water.

What are the best mints to make?

Cream cheese mints are so smooth and sweet, creamy and soft on the inside with a slight sugary crunch on the outside. Typically they are flavored with peppermint, spearmint, vanilla, almond or butter flavoring. My personal favorite is cheesecake flavoring. How many mints should I make for a Party? I usually allow 2 1/2 mints per person.

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Cap off a perfect dinner with your own homemade mints. This simple recipe blends cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar for a refreshing post-meal nibble. In food processor, place cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar. Cover; process, using on-and-off pulses, until mixture comes together into a ball.

So, how do you make cream cheese mints?

An answer is that how to make cream cheese mints. Mix together cream cheese, flavoring, powdered sugar. Start with a 1/8 teaspoon of flavoring and then add more to desired taste . I love cheesecake flavoring! Knead (I use a food processor). The mixture will form a stiff dough. Add gel paste coloring to color the dough. I used one drop.

How to make fresh mint tea?

Add a sprig or two to a mug and cover in hot water. Let steep for a few minutes then enjoy! I like mine with a dash of honey. Here’s how to make Fresh Mint Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea. Mint Ice Cubes Brew your mint tea extra strong then freeze it into ice cubes! You’ll have instant minty refreshment anytime you want.

How do you grow mint from cuttings?

Cuttings of mint will root easily in soil or water and mature plants can be divided and transplanted. However you can always start new plants from seed. Sow outdoors in late spring or start seed indoors about eight to 10 weeks before the last frost. Keep soil moist until the seed germinates.

How much space do you need to grow mint?

Space mint plants 12-24 inches apart in the garden or use a container that is at least 12-inches wide. You can grow mint from seeds, cuttings or purchased plants. Mint doesn’t grow true-to-type from seed, and seed packets are often labeled common mint.

Keep your potted mint from draping down into your garden or into other containers filled with other plants. Healthy shoots of mint can take root in soil, even if those shoots are still connected to a mother plant.

You can start harvesting mint leaves once the plant has multiple stems that are around 6 to 8 inches long. This should take about two months if you are growing plants from seed or less time if you buy nursery plants. Mature mint can be harvested in summer and fall before the shoots die back.