Will mint mobile come to canada?

No , Mint Mobile is only available to U., and customers. Third-party mobile virtual network operators like Mint Mobile are not allowed to provide cellular service in Canada at this time. All plans require a U., and address.

Another popular query is “Can I use my Mint Mobile subscription in Canada?”.

The answer is that mint Mobile subscriptions registered in the U. Can be brought across the border to Canada and used on partner networks , but none of the existing plans include international roaming. Costly pay-per-use charges will be applied. There’s no benefit to subscribing to Mint Mobile in the U. And bringing the plan here at this time.

In 2019, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds bought a majority stake in Mint Mobile. He employed his internal ad agency, Maximum Effort, to produce viral videos with Ryan as the ambassador of the company. The actor’s association with the brand has led to much speculation about Mint Mobile coming to Canada.

Mint runs on Tmobile’s network . This is currently not mainstream in Canada as the big companies would refuse to sell access to their network. The recent MVNO hearing was about whether the big telcoms Canada should be legally required to sell access to their network to boost competitions.

Mint Mobile offers free calling to Mexico and Canada plus discounted rates to over 160 destinations.

Can I bring my own phone to mint?

That means you can bring your own phone to Mint instead of having to buy or lease a new one ! Just make sure it’s GSM compatible and it’ll work great when you drop in a Mint Mobile SIM card (P. S. you can buy a new phone from us if you want, but that’s not really what we’re all about—unlike all those bigger retailers).

Yet another query we ran across in our research was “How do I get Mint Mobile on my phone?”.

With our Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program , you can easily get Mint Mobile on your current device. Just switch out the SIM card and presto! You may need to hit up your carrier to unlock your phone (and major Mint savings). If you’re still not sure if your phone will work with Mint Mobile, visit willmyphonework., and net.

Your Mint service starts from the time that you activate your plan . Mint Mobile SIM cards can be activated up to 45 days after you receive your SIM.

So, what type of carrier is mint?

Like most prepaid carriers, Mint is what’s considered an MVNO , or mobile virtual network operator. MVNOs operate on the infrastructure of existing networks: in Mint’s case, that network is T-Mobile.

Where does the United States Mint ship?

Regardless of shipping method selected, The United States Mint selects from a number of carriers to deliver your package.

Some think that Orders completed by phone or through the United States Mint Online Catalog have a budget shipping fee of $4.95 per order. Packages shipped in the continental United States using the United States Mint’s budget shipping option usually arrive within 1 to 2 weeks.

Is there an expedited shipping option available for international orders?

There is no Expedited Shipping option available for International orders . You will be charged $20.95 for the United States Mint’s Next Day Shipping option. Packages shipped using the United States Mint’s Next Day Shipping option typically arrive the following business day if the order is received by noon ET.