Will mint juul pods come back?

Juul announced today that it will halt sales of its mint-flavored pods after recently released studies found the flavor was especially popular among young e-cigarette users. In a statement citing the studies, Juul said it would immediately stop taking orders from retailers or selling the pods through Juul., and com.

While I was writing we ran into the question “What happened to Juul pods?”.

This is what our research found. in the past few weeks JUUL has recently pulled their fruit flavored pods out of every convenience store and vape shop and has left them six feet below in a cold grave of sorrow. Some people think this move was forced by the FDA, and that is not true.., and well partly.

Well, we would estimate that they will be back on shelves and most likely back on our website in early 2019. The new protocol will take some time to implement, so unless you love cool mint or virginia tobacco you will have to be patient.

While researching we ran into the question “Are mint juul pods banned?”.

We can find out. with a national ban on sales of most e-cigarette flavors expected any day, Juul has stopped selling its mint-flavored pods shown to be extremely popular among kids who use the company’s products. Juul previously stopped selling mango, creme and cucumber flavors, and now only offers menthol and tobacco flavors.

In the meantime, Juul users will likely turn to alternative brands who are selling their own versions of the nicotine pods that are compatible with Juul pens.

Juul announced on Tuesday that it would temporarily stop selling flavored pods in stores, in a bid to curb an epidemic of teen vaping. Adult users were left wondering where they would still be able to purchase the pods.

In order to prevent customers from buying in bulk and selling these pods to teens, every purchaser will be restricted to two devices and 15 Juul pod packages per month, and to no more than 10 devices a year.

Also, how do I check if my Juul pods are compatible?

We highly suggest you to check them out, just click the menu tab and go to JUUL>JUUL Pods>All JUUL Compatible Pods.

Why did juul discontinue mint?

Juul says it stop selling mint-flavored pods. The decision follows the release of studies that found the flavor was popular with young users. The flavor was the subject of damning studies.

But a new study released Monday suggests menthol doesn’t have the same appeal as mint. The study found that mint was the most popular flavor among Juul users in 10th and 12th grades and the second-most popular among middle-schoolers. In contrast, less than 6% of teenagers across all grades preferred menthol.

Can you sell Juul flavored pods?

Anyone who wants to sell JUUL’s flavored pods will soon have to have upgraded age verification technology implemented in their vape shop. JUUL pulled their flavored pods off the shelves until this measure can be sorted. Consumers will also be required to be 21+ even though most states still have 18+ tobacco laws.

Some have found that juul will continue to offer its mint-, menthol-, and tobacco-flavored products. The news left many adult smokers wondering how they will be able to get their Juul fix.

You see, juul Labs — a world leader in the e-cigarettes market — announced earlier this month that it will stop selling flavoured products across the country. Tobacco and mint flavours are the only exceptions. The company won’t pull the flavoured pods from store shelves, but won’t be restocking them once they’ve sold out.

Why is Juul banned in the US?

Juul, like other e-cigarette makers, has been facing heightened scrutiny after a wave of deaths that have been linked to vaping. In an attempt to curb the problem among young e-cigarette users, the Trump administration said in September that it would ban non-tobacco flavors, spurring Juul to preemptively remove its fruit-flavored pods.