Why doesn’t my eggplant produce fruit?

Your eggplant may be dehydrated from lack of water, or the blossoms may not have been pollinated. Here are our tips on how to prevent this from happening. Any time an egg plant is stressed, the flowers may drop from the plant. But, the most common reason for stress in eggplants is lack of sufficient water .

Lack of Water Causes Eggplant F lowers to Drop Lack of water is the most common cause of stress in eggplants. When an eggplant gets too little water, its flowers will dry out and fall off. Eggplant fruit cannot form without the flower and therefore no fruit will develop .

Another frequently asked inquiry is “Why does my eggplant have flowers but no fruit?”.

When an eggplant has flowers but no fruit, this is due to one of two issues . The first thing that can cause eggplant flowers to fall off is a lack of water and the other is a lack of pollination.

While writing we ran into the inquiry “Why is my eggplant plant dying?”.

My best answer was an eggplant flower is normally wind pollinated, meaning it doesn’t rely on insects like bees and moths to pollinate it . A pollination problem can occur when the weather conditions are very wet, overly humid or excessively hot.

Why do eggplants have holes in their fruit?

The dime-size holes in your eggplant fruit are likely a sign that critters are feeding on the fruits ; perhaps birds or rodents who are thirsty late in the summer. Place bird netting over your plants to exclude critters.

One answer is, • Seedlings are cut off near the soil surface. Cutworms are gray or brown grubs that hide in the soil by day and feed at night. Handpick grubs from the soil around plants. Keep the garden free of plant debris .

How do you pollinate eggplant without pollination?

If you suspect your egg plant flowers fall off due to a lack off pollination , use hand pollination. Eggplant flower hand pollination is easy to do. All you need to do is take a small, clean paintbrush and move it around the inside of the eggplant flower.

What are the symptoms of Wilt on eggplant leaves?

• Lower leaves wilt; leaves on one side of plant wilt; yellow patches on leaves. Fusarium wilt or eggplant yellows are a fungal disease which attacks plant roots and spreads into the plant’s vascular system. Plant in well-drained soil., and rotate crops. Remove and destroy infected plants; older plants may be harvested and then uprooted and thrown away.