Does basil deter deer?

If you have a serious problem, do not count on herbs alone to do the job of ridding deer from your garden. Here are the top five deer resistant herbs. To increase the likelihood that your herbs will really deter deer, plant them along the edges of vulnerable flower beds or vegetable patches.

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Our answer is that basil has been shown to be very effective at deterring deer because they do not like the smell or taste of it and will stay away from anything that smells strongly of it.

Does garlic repel deer?

Deer don’t like the smell or taste of garlic . Thus, by planting some garlic bulbs among your vegetables, you can deter deer from munching on your other plants. Other than needing well-draining soil, garlic requires little maintenance.

My answer is You might notice mint did not make the list. Mint is also a deterrent, but it is highly invasive and will soon take over. While all of these herbs can be helpful, they’re not a cure-all. If you have a serious problem, do not count on herbs alone to do the job of ridding deer from your garden .

Bee balm can also be used to repel deer. Find your favorite variety of bee balm and plant it in container gardens as well as a background color in your beds that edge the yard.

Does Basil repel pests?

The intense scent and oil in basil and many other herbs are often used to deter common household pests . The pungent herb seems to repel flies and basil pest control has been used since ancient times. Basil is intolerant of cold temperatures and needs a full day of sunlight.

Does lavender repel deer?

Lavender is a herb or subshrub that has a pleasant fragrance. This plant repels a wide range of pests including deer. Typically, deer do not like plants with a strong smell, so this makes lavender a deer- repellent plant .

One common answer is, plant lavender borders along the sides of your garden that seem to invite deer traffic the most. If you can not plant an in-ground border , lavender also grows very well in containers. Using deer resistant herbs is a great way to reduce deer damage in your landscape.