What to do with an abundance of tomatoes?

Here are some fantastic recipes and ideas that use up lots of tomatoes: Salsa is a summertime favorite! You can even make up a bulk batch and freeze it, though some of the liquid will separate in the freezing and thawing process. Roast a giant batch of tomatoes and turn them into soup.

You’ll be amazed at how much a tomato shrinks when dried, which makes sun-dried tomatoes perhaps the easiest and best way to store and use lots of tomatoes. This might just be our favorite thing to do with a giant pile of tomatoes because: a) it’s ridiculously simple to make, and b) we use so many sun-dried tomatoes throughout the year.

Eat them fresh. Eating fresh tomatoes straight from the vine is the best: sweet, juicy, and warmed up by the sun is one of my favorite ways to eat 2 2., and make soup. Make fresh salsa. Make some tomato sauce., and freeze them., and more items.

Our chosen answer is if you have extra tomatoes, more than you know what to do with, share the extras with your neighbors, family, and friends. Or, take some to church, and give some to a local food bank. Spread a bit of cheer to those less fortunate if you have lots of tomatoes (and other fresh produce from your garden).

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Voila, tomato chips which can be stored in a ziploc for months! If they lose their crispiness over time, simply use them like sun-dried tomatoes in other recipes. Lacto-fermented ketchup A quick popular meal at our house: pan-roasted potatoes with lacto-fermented ketchup plus duck egg omelette (with roasted tomatoes inside, of course).

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Another answer was when all of the green tomatoes are ripening, there are enough tomatoes to feed an army, so way too many for the 2 of us to eat them all. But no worries: there are so many ways to prepare tomatoes, and what we can’t eat now, we’ll preserve for later. Eat them fresh, straight from the vine 2. Make tomato salad 3. Tomato sandwiches are delicious 4.

What is the best way to use up fresh tomatoes?

A chunky, robust salad makes a wonderful meal of all its own. Some more items to examine are: making a fresh tomato salsa is so, so easy, 3 classic gazpacho, and 2 chop, shred, and tear fresh salsa.

This homemade pizza sauce is sure to be a favorite tomato preservation method for your kids! Make your own homemade spaghetti sauce to have on hand! There is nothing better than pulling out a jar of your own sauce when making dinner. Such a satisfying feeling:) Another great tomato caning recipe! Let’s put all those extra tomatoes to good use!

What are some must-have tomato recipes for summer?

Here are some of our must-have recipes when tomatoes are at their peak. “Heirloom tomatoes, ripe peaches, and fresh mozzarella are layered and topped with a simple balsamic vinaigrette,” says Julie Hubert. This recipe calls for the best of summer produce — sweet watermelon and ripe tomatoes., and the result?

What to do with tomato skin left over from Canning?

Since you have so many tomatoes, you’re bound to have some tomato skin left from canning or freezing them. Don’t throw those away! Instead, use them to make tomato powder.