What do tomatoes smell like?

Tomato stems are filled with an oil that smells like sweat. The oil contains terpene – a substance that gives fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons and hops their smell and flavour, the researchers added. Why do I smell tomato soup?

This of course begs the question “Do you like the smell of tomato leaves?”

The most frequent answer is; i always thought tomato leaves had a pungent, well, stink! But apparently a lot of people love the smell! This makes me want to go to my garden plot and rub the leaves of my tomato plants to see if I can cultivate any sort of liking for the smell.

What perfume smells like tomato leaves and Basil?

Katieslat: Tomato leaves and basil – the smell of the summer vegetable garden. Perfume d’Empire by Corsica Furiosa does an amazing job of capturing this scent.

Another common inquiry is “What Smells Like Summer?”.

The most common answer is; Smells of Summer: Fresh, Fragrant Tomato Leaves Coconut, Coppertone, saltwater, freshly cut grass and charcoal heating on the grill. These are some of the smells that reminded me of summer while I was growing up. And now as a gardener, tomato leaves make that happy list.

Can you detect the smell of tomato juice?

When this happens, the odor of tomato juice can easily be detected.” What has been proven to work, according to a variety of sources, is a home concoction developed by Paul Krebaum and published Chemical & Engineering News back in 1993:.

In short, the tomato juice masks the smell of skunkish thiol, and if one remains in a house redolent of tomato juice and skunk scent long enough, the scent will seem to fade. Leave the house for only a moment, though, and the thiols will reassert themselves with a vengeance.

A frequent question we ran across in our research was “Why does tomato juice help skunk?”.

One source proposed more specifically, tomato juice does not react chemically with the skunk odor to destroy it. Instead, it simply has a strong enough smell on its own to partially mask the skunk smell. But in this respect, it is no different from any other strong odor. Perfume or scented candles will do just as well as tomato juice to mask the skunk smell.

What are the little hairs on my tomato plants?

If you examine a tomato plant up close, you may notice that the foliage is covered in short, fine, hair-like structures. These hairs (what I affectionately dub tomato fuzz) are known as trichomes, and they serve a variety of functions and exist on many other plants as well.

What does it smell like when a skunk spray?

Of course, to people who have not been subjected to olfactory fatigue from skunk odors, the sprayed areas will smell like a combination of tomato juice and sulfur spray. This is because the acids in the tomato juice do not neutralize the sulfur odors.

We this liquid spray has an overpoweringly offensive odor capable of deterring and sickening nearly all living predators, including humans, bears and foxes. This is the skunk’s primary defense mechanism, and it can be used to accurately spray predators as far away as 15 feet.