What tomato plants are resistant to blight?

The Red Pearl, Red Grape, & Legend tomato varieties resist late blight . The Verona & Valentine tomato varieties resist early blight. Of course, there are other blight resistant tomato varieties out there, but this list of 14 should give you a good start. Remember that late blight is more deadly to tomato plants than early blight.

One frequent answer is, legend Tomato – this tomato variety is resistant to late blight. The plants are determinate. The glossy, red fruit weighs in at an impressive 8 ounces after maturing in 68 days. For more information, check out the Legend Tomato on the Seeds N’ Such website. Verona Hybrid Tomato – this tomato variety is resistant to early blight.

Here is what our research found. hybrid, indeterminate, 60 days, red, elongated cherry (1 ounce), resistance: cracking, blight. OP (open-pollinated), determinate, 68 days, red, beefsteak (14-16 ounces), resistance: early blight, late blight .

The next thing we wondered was; how many tomato varieties are blight-resistant?

Now you have a solid list of 10 blight-resistant tomato varieties to choose from. You also have some actionable advice about how to avoid early blight and late blight in the first place. Bacterial wilt of tomatoes is often mistaken for blight .

What does blight look like on Tomatoes?

On Tomato Fruits: If early blight gets on the fruits, spots will begin at the stem end, forming a dark, leathery, sunken area with concentric rings. Both green and ripe tomatoes can be affected.

Are Lizzano Tomatoes blight resistant?

Good blight resistance . A compact dwarf bush type that is very easy to grow (no side shooting), Lizzano is equally at home grown in a sunny spot in the garden or in a large container on the patio. The fruit, produced in large quantities, is large cherry sized, deep red in colour and exceptionally sweet.

The 13th and 14th varieties on the list are only resistant to early blight. Mountain Magic Hybrid Tomato – this tomato variety is resistant to both early and late blight. The plants are indeterminate, with a spread of 48 to 52 inches. The fruit weighs 2 to 3 ounces, maturing in 70 to 80 days.

Then, are nectar Tomatoes blight resistant?

Nectar Hybrid Tomato – this tomato variety is resistant to both early and late blight . The plants are indeterminate, with a spread of 24 inches. The fruit is small and red, maturing in 65 days. For more information, check out the Nectar Hybrid Tomato on the Park Seed website.

Can tomato blight kill potato plants?

Late blight is the more deadly of the two blights for tomato plants. Even worse, early and late blight can also affect potatoes , posing a threat to your potato crop as well.

Another answer is if you grow tomatoes, you have almost certainly run afoul of the fungus that causes the disease known as early blight. This ubiquitous tomato disease does not usually kill the plants, but it can greatly reduce your yield. And even if you grow resistant cultivars, your plants still may not be completely safe .

What are disease resistant tomatoes?

Disease resistant tomatoes are varieties selected and bred over the years to resist some of the most common tomato ailments like Fusarium and nematodes. Each variety is resistant to some, even most, of the common diseases, but not all. For this reason, we have divided the varieties into categories according to the diseases they are resistant to:.