When do potatoes go bad?

If you store potatoes in a relatively warm (think room temperature) place, at some point they will start to sprout. That’s okay, and it’s not a sign of the potatoes going bad. All you need to do is to cut off the sprouts before cooking , and you’re good to go.

Do potatoes go bad if they smell bad?

A foul- smelling potato dish, along with the presence of mold is a clear sign of spoilage. Cooked potatoes that smell bad and have mold should not be eaten anymore and be thrown away immediately. In some cases, cooked potatoes may already have bacteria present on them without any visible signs.

Nope, just throw out the bad ones and eat the rest . The bacteria tend to spread fairly quickly, so it makes sense to give your potatoes a check every week and throw out the off ones. This way, more of the tubers will survive storage and end up cooked on your plate.

While I was writing we ran into the question “Is it safe to eat potatoes that smell like they’re bad?”.

If the potato still smells fresh, with no presence of dark spots and blemishes, it is still safe to eat. When to discard: Discard the potato once it gets too soft and mushy, along with the presence of a rotten smell.

How can you tell if a potato is bad?

If the potatoes developed a moldy, musky aroma, molds may have developed inside the spuds. Moldy potatoes may look fine on the outside but are rotten on the inside. Cut the potatoes to check if they are still good to eat . Potatoes with sprouts are generally safe to consume as long as you cut the sprouts.

How to Tell if a Sweet Potato is Bad 1 . Storing Potatoes in the Pantry 2.

What causes discoloration of potatoes?

Discoloration of bad potatoes is a severe problem to look out for since critical factors often contribute to your green potatoes . If potatoes are turning green, this is usually due to increased amounts of a toxin known as solanine.