Will mint mobile give me a new phone number?

Contact your current carrier to request your account number, PIN number and billing ZIP code. You’ll need this information to transfer your old number while completing the step-by-step Mint Mobile activation .

While researching we ran into the question “Can I bring my current phone number to Mint Mobile?”.

One article claimed that to transfer your current phone number to Mint, simply select the option ‘Transfer My Number’ during activation . We suggest prepping before activation as you’ll need some information from your old carrier:.

How do I Activate my MINT phone plan?

During the activation process, you’ll need to choose between keeping your current phone number or getting a new number. Before you bring your number, you’ll need to get some information from your current carrier. Just make sure not to cancel your current plan until you’ve completed the Mint activation process.

How much does Mint Mobile cost?

Limited time offer available to new Mint Mobile subscribers who port-in their number and purchase an eligible device and 12-month data plan. “6 months free” applied as $90 discount for all eligible phone + plan bundles (equivalent to approx. 6 months’ worth of 4GB/mo plan at 12-month rate). Taxes & fees extra .

What do I need to know about Mint Mobile before joining?

If you are bringing your own phone, make sure your device is compatible with Mint Mobile 3. You want to pay for the data you use and save money on your current monthly phone plan 4. You want customer service there for you when you need it 5 . You want to be a part of the best community in wireless How do I activate my Mint Mobile service?

One frequent answer is, If you have checked out our post , “ 5 Reasons Why You Should Dump Your Wireless For Mint ,” you are on your way. Now all that’s left is transferring your number from your old, tired carrier to your new sparkling fresh Mint Mobile account. Like most things associated with Mint, it’s simple.

Mint Mobile runs on an amazeballs GSM network. This means your phone must be compatible with the GSM network to get Mint service. Use our handy tool to check your phone compatibility . Your phone must be unlocked to get Mint Mobile service. If you are on a prepaid or pay-as-you-go plan, your phone is probably already unlocked.