How to make mints quick?

If dough becomes sticky add in a bit more powdered sugar while kneading in coloring. Roll dough into small balls (make a test to determine the size of the ball — each mold is a little different). Coat balls with granulated sugar. Press ball into the mold. Immediately flip the mold over and release mint. Repeat over and over .

If you absolutely cannot get one, don’t worry; you will still be able to make hard mint candies. Stir together the sugar, light corn syrup, and water over low heat. Add the sugar, light corn syrup, and water to the saucepan and turn the heat to low. Keep stirring until the sugar dissolves. Make sure that you are using light corn syrup and not dark.

How do you make Mint Patties at home?

In a large bowl, beat the butter, confectioners’ sugar, cream and extracts. If desired, divide dough into portions and knead in food coloring. Form into balls by teaspoonfuls; flatten into patties, or roll between 2 pieces of waxed paper to 1/8-in., and thickness. Cut mints into desired shapes. Cover and refrigerate for several hours or overnight .

What are the best mint and Quicken alternatives?

The last Mint and Quicken alternative on our list is Power, and wallet . This online budget tool enables you to link bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment accounts. I found the linking process to be smooth, with two exceptions. I was unable to link a retirement account at Fidelity and credit cards from Citi.

Both Mint and Quicken have a number of solid features to help you organize and track your personal finances. With Mint, you can track expenses , set bill reminders, create a budget, track investments, and set savings goals. You can even check your credit score for free.

Well, —CountAbout is the only online service that allows you to import data from Quicken or Mint. This makes it easier to transition to CountAbout. —Unlike Mint, where ads attempt to upsell you various product, CountAbout is ad-free. —Reporting is easy and comprehensive. —You cannot pay bills or move money at your banks using CountAbout.

How to import Mint into Quicken with mint2qif?

How to Import Mint into Quicken with Mint2QIF. Download your Mint transactions to a CSV file on your computer. If you are not familiar with that, the procedure for doing so is in the third tab. Give the file a name such as mint transactions., and csv. Select Convert, browse to the downloaded Mint file from the previous step, and open the file .

Let us find out. if you have any data in Quicken, you can transfer it to Mint. Com so you can seamlessly continue to manage your finances. You can do this in two ways: either manually import the data files to your new Mint. Com account or using Quicken’s Web Connect feature.

Quicken for Mac 2015+ has a special to import “CSV Mint” files into a new account. This is a great way to import transactions as you have easily drag transactions in Quicken for Mac 2015+ from one account to another (select multiple transactions and drag them on another account on the sidebar with the account names).

The most common answer is: in the box for Location of QIF file, select Browse and browse to the QIF just created i., and e., and mint transactions ., and qif. Select Import to import the transactions into Quicken. This will import all your accounts, transactions, and categories into Quicken . Go to the Quicken account list, select one of the accounts your imported.

How do I Convert my MINT transactions to a QIF file?

Select Convert, browse to the downloaded Mint file from the previous step, and open the file. The converter will automatically convert all your transactions in all your accounts , to a file such as mint transactions., and qif.

Can mint import qif files?

The purpose of Import. Mint is download bank and credit account transactions in CSV format and convert it to a QIF file and import that QIF file into Quicken . This is using the US version of Mint. Back up Microsoft Money data files to a new folder on your computer or external drive.