Where does peppermint originate?

Known scientifically as mentha piperita, peppermint is thought to be a naturally occurring hybrid of watermint and spearmint, native to the Middle East and Europe . A thriving plant, it’s proven to grow in moist environments in many other parts of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) was first cultivated in 1750 near London, England as an experimental hybrid between watermint and spearmint. That you can now find naturally growing peppermint almost anywhere in the world is a testament not only to its adaptability, but as an indication of its medicinal qualities.

Peppermint is a fast-growing plant; once it sprouts, it spreads very quickly. Peppermint typically occurs in moist habitats , including stream sides and drainage ditches. Being a hybrid, it is usually sterile, producing no seeds and reproducing only vegetatively, spreading by its runners. If placed, it can grow almost anywhere.

One of the next things we asked ourselves was; is peppermint native to Australia?

The most common answer is, if placed, it can grow almost anywhere. Outside of its native range, areas where peppermint was formerly grown for oil often have an abundance of feral plants, and it is considered invasive in Australia, the Galápagos Islands, New Zealand, and the United States in the Great Lakes region, noted since 1843.

Where can I find Peppermint?

Peppermint can be found over much of the world ; indigenous to Europe and Asia, it has been naturalized in North America. In the United States Mentha x piperita can be found practically everywhere, however; it is commonly found near streams and other wet areas.

History of Peppermint in England. Peppermint is thought to be a native English plant and possibly a hybrid between M. Spicata and M., and aquatica. Early English peppermint history has the herb being included in the work or Ray (1627 – 1705) in 1696.

Some sources claimed For other uses, see Peppermint ( disambiguation ). Pepper mint ( Mentha × piperita, also known as Mentha balsamea Wild) is a hybrid mint, a cross between watermint and spearmint. Indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, the plant is now widely spread and cultivated in many regions of the world.

What type of plant is peppermint?

The plant is a hybrid between watermint ( Mentha aquatica) and spearmint ( M. spicata) and is cultivated in Europe, Asia, and North America.

What kind of soil do peppermint plants like?

Peppermint’s ideal soil is rich, loamy, and moist , though it’s known to grow along trailside ditches and craggy outcrops—it can and will grow anywhere. Consistently moist soil is the key to making sure your peppermint plant is happy and possesses tons of flavor.

The peppermint tree will adapt its root system depending on the growing location of the tree. All trees will develop wide-spreading lateral roots . Though they grow outwards for quite a distance, they don’t grow too deep in the soil.

How to grow peppermint oil at home?

First and foremost, this plant needs lots of water and it is often found naturalized by streams and ponds where the soil is rich and the drainage is good. It won’t tolerate dry conditions. While partial sun is sufficient for peppermint, planting it in full sun will increase the potency of its oils and medicinal qualities.