Why did kfc stop selling potato wedges?

Well, KFC has started getting rid of its potato wedges and replacing them with normal fries. They’ve been rolling out their “Secret Recipe Fries” to some stores already. And soon enough, they’ll be in every store. And people AREN’T happy. The social media response to the end of wedges has been mostly negative.

Does KFC have fries or wedges?

In the not-so-distant past, KFC set itself apart from its fast-food competitors by offering potato wedges, rather than fries., and no more! Fries are on the KFC menu now, and potato wedges are discontinued. RELATED: Sign up for our newsletter to get daily recipes and food news in your inbox!

What happened to KFC fries with 11 herbs and spices?

When KFC announced they were testing fries dusted with their 11 herbs and spices, fans overwhelmingly rejoiced, but now, they’re learning that the special menu addition has come with a cost, and that cost is the end of potato wedges.

The fast-food chain recently announced that it’s replacing potato wedges with a different type of fried potato: Secret Recipe Fries. A KFC spokesperson confirmed the news to TODAY Food Thursday and said the new fries are becoming a part of the chain’s permanent menu at all U. Locations this week.

While writing we ran into the query “Are KFC french fries coming back to the menu?”.

When the announcement was made back in December 2019 that the famous fast food chain was developing classic french fries to add to their menu (that had previously only included mashed potatoes and wedges), KFC’s head chef reportedly called it a welcome and long-awaited change for customers (via Nation’s Restaurant News ).

Does KFC still have the Zinger sandwich?

The Zinger sandwich is popular at KFC outposts in other countries, and for a brief time, it was available in the United States, too. It’s not too different from the KFC Crispy Colonel Sandwich, which is still on the KFC menu stateside, but the Zinger promised a chicken breast that was “double hand-breaded and fried to a golden brown.”.

Are KFC fries thick or thin?

Bye bye, potato wedges! KFC Fans of seasoned potatoes will be happy to hear that the chain’s new fries are thick cut and come coated in “secret recipe” seasoning. They’ve already gained some customers’ seal of approval, too.