Do basilisk take wyvern eggs?

Whoever said basilisks can eat crystal wyvern eggs is just flat out wrong. Spent at least 4 hours trying to tame a 140, then a 130, and neither of them were tamed or even tried to eat the egg. If you have access to a tek chestpiece and some element, you can hover and dodge spit while dropping eggs.

Moreover, can basilisks be tamed by wyvern eggs?

Basilisk can not be tamed using Crystal Wyvern eggs. Wildcard should fix this ASAP. Up if you want them to be tameable with 2 Crystal wyvern eggs as a substitute for a rock drake egg I don’t want to sound like a smartasss but wouldn’t be more efficient to email wildcard to make them eat crystal eggs instead of in the Dododex?

Why can’t Crystal Wyvern Eggos be tamed?

Toss a lightpet on the ground, put a metal foundation over it, switch it to block. Just toss a glow pet down on passive, place a metal foundation on top of the pet, and throw down a fert Drake egg (or other egg these guys like) and kite a basilisk to it.

Do basilisk eggs work on Crystal Isles?

None of the eggs on crystal isles work for basilisks. Already tried on my server. Well my tribemate tried I think they are untamable on purpose on crystal isles.

Do spawned basilisks eat eggs?

Don’t they only eat rockdrake eggs? The only confirmed tames of basilisks i heard of were with rock drake eggs, take that as you will. There is a youtube vid up that shows carno eggs dont work, rock drake eggs is the only confirmed way Ive seen.

The next thing we wanted the answer to was can Basilisk be tamed with magmasaur eggs?

The most frequent answer is: the Basilisk is fast enough and tabky enough to run away from anything without using the bury ability anyway. Thumb up so others don’t lose one too.

While reading we ran into the question “Can basilisks be tamed with Fert magmasaur eggs?”.

Basilisks can now be tamed with fert magmasaur eggs! I don’t want to sound like a smartasss but wouldn’t be more efficient to email wildcard to make them eat crystal eggs instead of in the Dododex?

A frequent query we ran across in our research was “Can You tame a basilisk with Rock Drake eggs?”.

One way to think about this is I tried to tame one with carno and spino eggs and he didn’t want those after 20min of trying. Tamed a Basilisk like an hour ago using rock drake eggs. Was still a pain to feed them to it but it worked. Stupid question but did you make sure the eggs were fertilized?

Can basilisks be tamed?

The basilisks are brain damaged, they will only be tamed when im riding a Rock Drake dropping, nothing else, atleast from my experience. Do you mean dropping rock drake eggs? Dropping any egg while on a rock drake? Or dropping rock drake eggs while on a rock drake?

How do you tame a basilisk?

Taming a Basilisk is simple. First you throw a light let on the ground, and place a metal foundation over it and switch the foundation to block form. Then drop all the eggs on top of the metal foundation and lure the basilisk to the foundation. It will focus on the bulldog, but cannot damage it. Taming a Basilisk is simple.